Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager

Key Reports



After you finish your schedule or update it, you can immediately see and print reports that help you validate, communicate and execute your schedule! Here are some of the key reports available, without any sorting, copying, pasting or reformatting:

  1. Seed Requirements: Gross number of seeds required by current schedule for each Crop and Variety

  3. Tray Requirements: Number of trays required by size to support current schedule.

  5. Greenhouse Utilization: Percent of Greenhouse used by week, based trays passing through each greenhouse.

  7. Field Utilization: Percent of Field used by week, based on acreage for each field and the area required for each planting.

  9. Field Plan: Planting locations if field, section and bed are entered for scheduled plantings.

  11. Greenhouse Task List: Info needed to perform greenhouse tasks by week, including notes.

  13. Field Task List: Info needed to perform field tasks by week, including notes.

  15. Advanced Viewer: Flexibility in reporting and analysis is added with Advanced Viewer. Build your own reports on the fly.