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Advanced Viewer Features

Advanced Viewer Features


Our Advanced Viewer gives you access to all the system data in a table format. It is like a spreadsheet on steroids.

Currently you may access all Product, Schedule and Record-Keeping data.

Here are its main features:

  • Without selecting ranges of data, you can sort the entire table by any column – simple click the header caption: up or down.
  • Drag and drop columns to arrange the data in the order you want to see.
  • Instantly enter search strings: “Contains” filters for alphanumeric data and “Equals” for numeric data.
  • Drag and drop column header captions to “group by.” Group by multiple levels if you need to.
  • “Column Chooser” allows you to select or deselect data elements that are available.
  • Once you select a series of data elements, sequence them as you like, and then save them as a “View” for future use.
  • Organize the data as you want it, then print exactly what you see.
  • Finally, you can export your data to Excel for further manipulation and reporting.

Yes, it is great to be able to access your data, in the format and order you want for producing custom reports and interfaces.

It is also great to be able to quickly filter and review data to be sure everything has been consistently entered.

Enjoy Advanced Viewer!