Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager

Crop Scheduler Features

Crop Scheduling Features


  • View and filter schedules sorted by: Planting Start; Field Start; and Field location
  • Add new, copy, split and delete schedules
    Schedule by harvest quantity expected, bed length or bed area
  • Schedule by harvest start, field start or greenhouse start dates
  • For scheduled orders, modify planting parameters to suit planned specifics
  • Enter variety, field location, planting & production notes, etc, as information is developed
  • Also enter multiple greenhouses, inspection document, and lot number if desired
  • Provide crop master notes, add to them or delete them for a specific planting
  • Change planting method – greenhouse, direct seed, purchased plug, etc. – as required
  • System generated “order number” for tracking reliability
    Miscellaneous and user defined fields to customize orders further
  • Schedule simulation to review seeds, bed area and other planting parameters, as scheduled