Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager

How it Works, so YOU can Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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1. Quick and Easy Crop Scheduling!

Organize and save your crop information:
planting parameters, growing days and notes in our Product Master.

Then, just three steps to schedule a planting:

  1. Select Crop
  2. Enter Quantity:
    Harvest Quantity or Area to be planted
  3. Enter Milestone Date to schedule from:
    Greenhouse Start, Field Start or Harvest Start

Done! Enter other details as your plan develops.

Safe in Cloud; access from ANYWHERE browser can connect.

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2. Push Button Reports!

You don’t have to: filter, sort, paste, select and then print.
Make an update, then do it all again…

With Farm Produce Manager,
Update schedule and push button for updated reports!

  • Seed Requirements
  • Tray Requirements
  • Greenhouse Task List
  • Consolidated Field Task List

Review these and other Key Reports

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3. More Benefits, Little Effort!

  1. Enter your Field, Section/Bed and get a Field Plan.
  2. Enter Greenhouse tray capacity and get Greenhouse Utilization.
  3. Enter Field acreage and get Field Utilization.


4. Record Keeping, All Set Up!

Ready to capture hours, quantities, notes and more by planting.
Use your smart phone or office computer.
Easy to use; multi-user.
Improve standards and plans next year!



5. Leverage Your Schedule, Manage More!

  1. Enter CSA distribution plans and reconcile with planned production.
    Reduce excess crops, improve timing and increase profit.
  2. Identify Key Resources.
    Show planned use, based on current crop schedule.
  3. Export product, schedule and record keeping data.
    Analyze and report using Excel.