Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager

Milestone Record-Keeping Features

Milestone Record-Keeping Features


Milestones include: initial planting in greenhouse or field, any transplants to trays or field, and harvest start.
Farm Produce Manager provides as much default information as possible at each milestone, to minimize data entry.

You or your staff enters just the additional information required by your operation, including typically:

  • Adjusting date, if the activity happened on an earlier date.
  • Variety name, if not previously entered/known.
  • Actual quantity processed.
  • Elapsed hours the task took.
  • Man-woman hours the task took.
  • Appropriate lot numbers.
  • Actual location of tray or field planting.
  • Notes on the activity or the planting
  • Person who supervised the activity

In addition to the new data that can be entered, many of the default data elements can be corrected or adjusted based on what actually happened.

Each individual recorded transaction can be adjusted or deleted, if required.