Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager


Our design philosophy is to provide a simple and powerful farm tool. Implement just what is important to you. As you grow or your need for information grows, implement additional features.

Farm Produce Manager is designed for market farmers, produce farmers, vegetable and flower farmers, whether you sell through CSA shares, farmers’ markets, local wholesale (restaurants and food stores) and/or a farm store or stand.

Farm Produce Manager can help you schedule your crops, keep records and manage your farm!

Key Functions

  • Product Master is the safe place for your crop planting parameters, cost details, grouping codes, notes, etc.
  • Crop Scheduler is the quick, accurate way to schedule dozens of crops, with unique planting requirements.
  • Milestone Record-Keeping allows you to collect just the information you need – quantities, dates, notes, etc.
  • Key Reports are available instantly, updated whenever you want to see current status or progress.
  • CSA & Sales Planning provides the capability of aggregating sales and reconciling against production.
  • Resource Management easily determine key resource requirements based on schedule quantity and timing.
  • Advanced Viewer provides a quick and convenient way to review data, spot errors, perform ad-hoc analysis.
  • List Boxes are where you customize frequently used farm data, like greenhouse, field and tray names and details.


  • Microsoft Cloud-based: nothing to download or install; no software to maintain; back-ups are done automatically.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Server relational database - industrial-strength: fast, powerful, and secure.
  • Browser-based works on any device with a browser; big screens and small – desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Multi-user allows viewing and updating by different crews doing different tasks in different places.
  • Access Anywhere via internet (cable based or WiFi) or phone data networks on any device with a browser.
  • Data entry edits, reasonableness range checking and no exposed corruptible cells to maintain data integrity.
  • Quick, configurable data export to Excel for ad-hoc reporting and analysis.

Way better than spreadsheets Read More to see why...