Adak Farm System - Farm Produce Manager

Resource Management Features

Resource Management Features


Key resources are those for which you need to plan – quantities and dates. In market farming they are often tied to specific crops and their scheduled plantings.

Some examples: plastic is required before planting certain crops; extra or special labor is required for harvesting certain crops; plugs you purchase; or a special machine you rent or maybe even cash required.

Not every little nit, but the important items that affect your profitability and stress levels!

Farm Produce Manager makes this planning easy.

  • Create a master for each key resource, including its “unit of measure” (typically hours, pounds, feet or dollars, but can be anything).
  • Link each key resource to the crops requiring it, including how much, and how many days before or days after a milestone date. Milestones dates include tray planting/transferring dates, field planting or transfer dates, harvest start or end dates.

Now, whenever one of the crops involved is scheduled, Farm Produce Manager will automatically create a demand for its key resource(s) and aggregate those demands with other demands. Reports are available by resource and by crop, showing resources needed, quantities and dates.