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Summary of Spreadsheet Issues

Spreadsheets Are Wonderful, but They Have Problems and Limitations

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Spreadsheets have many valuable features that are ideal for one-time projects and ad-hoc reporting. But they have limitations in their application to more complicated business data processing needs. Here are a few spreadsheet problems and limitations when it comes to planning crops, keeping records and managing your market farm operations:

  1. Data integrity is difficult to maintain with access to formulas in cells.
  2. Duplicate data is difficult to maintain.
  3. Costly Islands of Automation form.
  4. Reports require careful data manipulation and time to present.
  5. Spreadsheets can’t process record transactions.
  6. It is difficult to scale up the size or functionality of a spreadsheet.

Both spreadsheets and integrated systems have tables or files, but with an integrated system you get three powerful capabilities (relational database, logic transaction processor, and a report writer) that operate on and manage the tables, files and data. These capabilities allow Farm Produce Manager to deliver advanced functions and reporting, such as CSA and Resource management.

Finally, because Farm Produce Manager is cloud-based your data is secure and you can access it from anywhere, at anytime.

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